About Us

Halen Vans was established in 2011 out of a desire to expand upon our extensive history in caravan manufacturing and improve the build and quality of off-road caravans available to Australians.

We have sourced innovative products to use giving our off road vans added strength and style. We build in accordance with the industry standards and guidelines and go one step further to provide not only Gas Compliance Certificates but Electrical Safety Certificates with all our vans. We are registered members of the RVMAA (Recreation Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia).

Our aim is simple; to build strong, stylish off-road caravans with high quality fittings to suit our individual customers. Alongside our standard range we give you the ability to design your caravan, choose appliances, materials and colours so you can create your ideal 4x4 caravan. This means the interior stylist can create the kitchen, living, sleeping and en-suite areas they want and for those who want a great looking rig on the road, the ability to custom colour the exterior. We aim to be competitive in price in comparison to what we offer.

At Halen Vans we make it everyone’s responsibility to ensure the quality of each and every caravan that is built meets a high standard. We can guarantee this because the company directors are on the floor every day working alongside highly trained and motivated staff.

Industry Experience

Jason Francis began with one of the largest manufacturers in Melbourne and spent 9 years as a Production Line Supervisor before beginning as the production manager with a newly formed off road caravan manufacturer based in Bayswater. As the production manager at this company over the following 13 years it grew to one of the leading off-road manufacturers in Australia. Jason parted ways with the manufacturer recently to follow his dream of establishing Halen Vans.

Paul Williams entered caravan manufacturing as a cabinet maker. He soon became an experienced custom cabinet maker specialising in caravans. 8 years has seen Paul become one of the best in the business. What he can’t do, no-one can. Paul has also followed his dream to partner Jason in the exciting venture.

"Our aim is simple - to build strong, stylish caravans with high quality fittings to suit our individual customers."


Jason Francis

Jason Francis - Director


Paul Williams

Paul Williams - Director


Ben Morris

Ben Morris - Director