Caravan Tips & Advice

At Halen Vans we believe your trip is about the journey as well as the destination.  That’s why we strive to make off road caravans that are not only what you ask for but are well balanced and designed to prevent towing becoming a chore.

Trip Preparation

  • An even load in you caravan, keeping heavy items centred over the axle and down low will assist with handling.
  • Turn your fridge on a day before you leave to cool it down.
  • Careful planning will enable you to take whatever you need without making your setup and pack up a logistical nightmare.
  • If your van hasn’t been serviced for some time take the time to have it serviced by a professional before you leave.

Towing Tips

  • Towing can be fairly uneventful if you plan your trip well.  If you are starting out, consider the following;
  • Attending a towing course/clinic.
  • If it is an option consider putting CCTV cameras on your caravan so you can see what is travelling behind you.
  • Always ensure your off road caravan is correctly coupled to your vehicle and it is suited to towing the caravan.
  • Ensure you have towing mirrors fitted and all your lights work.
  • Do a brake test before heading off.
  • Be aware when overtaking and turning that you need to allow for the extra length and height of the caravan.

Reversing Tips

  • As above, consider purchasing CCTV and cameras for travelling and reversing. (you can purchase a twin camera unit one at 90 and one at 30 degrees)
  • Where possible have someone watching from the rear to prevent damage or injury.
  • Always try to place your vehicle so you can reverse in from the driver’s side.  This allows you to see the rear of the caravan.
  • Practice in an industrial estate on a weekend or open area.  Try reversing anti clockwise first and then clockwise

Driving Tips

  • Like any form of driving it is wise to plan your trip and ensure you have regular breaks.  You can take the opportunity to check your car and caravan whilst resting.
  • When setting off, particularly from city locations, aim to leave when the traffic is minimal.  If heading off early and travelling east beware of driving into the sun as it rises.  Likewise if you leave in the afternoon/evening and are heading west.
  • Be consistent in your driving.  Keep your speed even and within speed limits.  Do not make erratic lane changes and if vehicles are approaching from behind to overtake stay within the lane but to the left at a constant speed.
  • If you can see traffic building up behind you and there are no overtaking opportunities pull over to allow others past.
  • A lot of travellers and trucks in Australia use hand held radios. Consider a UHF CB radio to communicate when overtaking.

caravan tips

Get ready for the road and stay in control


caravan maintenance

Regular maintenance will keep your van in top condition, ready to move when you are. Take the time to have it serviced by a professional before you leave.


caravan advice

Checking your equipment before you leave can save you a lot of trouble once on the road and far from home.